Great Summer Fun

2 1/2 is a great age, boys are on a very good but different routine. They sleep exactly 12 hours a day (for 2-year-old it’s between 12~14 hours) 3 hours in the afternoon and 9:30pm to 6:30am. Lin and Li get the breast milk three times a day now, upon waking up, nap and before bed. It works out fine for all of us, which is great.

This summer holiday which lasted almost 6 weeks by now has been wonderful. It is getting more and more challenging on my part to keep them entertained. Lin and Li are not content being in the pram for more than a short ride, they want to walk, sit in the adult’s chair, and feed themselves. It’s an interesting time when they want to be independent but they don’t understand how to stay safe yet. I find it helpful to hang out with other children, not when they are playing since there’s still much parallel playing going on but more with older children. For example they would hold Stanley and Jack’s hands when we were crossing the street but not mine. Mom must be this annoying person who keeps them away from fun things all the time, so any chance they have to escape you can count on them to jump on it! As a matter of fact, it must be their favorite game to have mom chasing them for changing diaper, putting on PJs, and dragging them away from cars.

I’ve been taking them to the weekly holiday session at Milson playcentre, I do the new person fitting in thing and they jump right into playing there; Michael and I took them to Wellington the weekend before, they loved the StoryPlace at Te Papa and Junglerama followed by a feast at Nature Vegetarian Food; they spend almost every morning outdoor: Esplanade, playgrounds, Te Manawa; and on rainy days we go to the Lido or Lollipop. Palmy is really ideal for raising young children I would not want to be elsewhere for sure.

Today after work, we went to Downtown Shopping Center for dinner and bubble tea, boys climbed up on a tree for the first time, Lin now likes to pose for me in front of the camera 🙂





Pohangina Valley Blueberry Farm didn’t have as much berries as they did in previous years but still I was able to get enough for the year with the help of Michael and Elaine. Lin and Li are absolutely crazy about blueberries!



Esplanade can always be counted on, great gardens, great playgrounds, and great walking trails.

734596_10151384009578890_690879699_n 419701_10151384009048890_1952757366_n 269197_10151384010263890_1034465040_n


And sometimes they helped me hanging up the clothes…and play with their tablets.


Li at Milson Playcentre, fighting over the driver seat at Junglerama Lower Hutt, Snack time at the Plaza and at Te Manawa,

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2 responses to “Great Summer Fun

  1. Cynthia and Michael,

    It is so great to read up on some of the adventures you guys have been having. Thanks so much for updating the blog. It is absolutely remarkable how much they’ve grown since I saw them last (in pictures). I hope you guys are doing well in NZ. You are missed here in the US! Jamie and I are moving to San Diego right now (we’re literally half way across the country…currently in Fargo, ND) and will arrive there for new jobs later next week. We’ve been blogging as well. Feel free to take a look if you like:

    Hope all is well!

    Jeff and Jamie

    • Hi Jeff & Jamie, I’ve following your world wide travels and it’s great that you are everywhere! Once the kids arrived we had to make quite a bit adjustment to our lifestyle, but it’s all worthwhile. When they are old enough we’ll be back on the road again! We miss our friends in NC as well, and hope that someday they will make their way here, you are more than welcome to visit us here to see what NZ has to offer – it’s amazing in many different ways. Keep going!

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