A place we call home

cropped-307948_10151435609368890_881500062_n.jpgWell I shall start my story by announcing the good news first, this is our new home, and it’s finally a home that we are comfortable living in. I always took it for granted since the houses we lived in have always been nice, not until we got into the housing crisis which lasted two LONG months, had I realized the importance of having a stable and comfortable house to call home.

The newest rental we have is located near Victoria Ave and Park Rd, very close distance to city center, and within walking distance to Esplanade, Lido and even the Square. The owner is a builder who built it two years ago for himself, he acquired another house and moved in with his new partner so we are hoping that they have a long and loving relationship! It has an air-conditioner/heat pump, double glazing, ceiling, wall and floor (with polystyrene) insulation, underfloor heating, fully fenced, built-in night lights with sensors, central vacuum system, built-in sound system for living room, master bedroom, and garage, built-in multi-media closet, wall mount with an arm for flat screen TV, huge attic space for storage, etc. Overall, a very well thought-out and designed home. Michael used one of the four bedrooms as his office and everything just fit in quite lovely. Even our furniture, they look like they were made for this house, for it’s modern, clean color tones. One can only appreciate it so much if he/she lives in New Zealand and understands the housing situation here.

I immediately noticed that the boys and I can stay home instead of going out to be entertained, they can play in the yard, in the house and it’s comfortable with the air-conditioner on. At Balcairn Pl, it was so hot in the day we were heading to the beach every other day during the week then it got so cold at night , we had to use our portable heat pump. We sure got lucky with this one!







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2 responses to “A place we call home

  1. michele

    Looks very nice! Is the wind still strong over there? or does that die down in the Autumn time?

  2. Hi Michele, wind is not so strong here now…the summer is beautiful, I can’t get enough of it, especially month of Feb, it’s warm, and breezy, perfect for out door. Weather doe get cold, windy and wet from June, all the way till the fall, not terrible but we do get a lot of rain and the wind makes it colder. The nicest time to come is from late Jan to late April I would say. This is just for Manawatu area (where we are), which is considered bad weather in New Zealand. We drive about 2 hours to Hawke’s Bay and it’s like Mediterranian weather right away, where they have winery, etc. If you are interested in coming, we can take you to see the best gannet colony in the world!zwsd

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