Three to Two

Today I went to the doctor’s, quite moved when he commented on how few moms these days breastfeed their children for so long, not to mention twins.  But we both agreed it’s about time to wean the boys off breast milk due to the symptoms showing breastfeeding and the way they lay on me for long period of time have been depleting my health. Lin and Li will be turning three in two months so they do not absolutely need my milk from a health point of view.

Michael and I decided to spend the next two months, gradually reduce the feeding time, starting tonight. When it got close to bed time, Lin and Li used sign language and real words asking for milk, I gave them rice milk instead, they drank it right away but started crying a bit for mine. I held their hands and walked them to their bedroom with Michael, gave them lot of hugs and kisses, and told them that it’s time for them to have two feedings rather than three, and they will go to bed at night with daddy without mommy’s milk. They would not let go of me at first, and whined a bit, but after five minutes, they quiet down, both said good night and Lin closed the door.

I am so glad that we told them straight forward why they are not getting milk at night any more, and I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was than I ever expected. It is one of those moments that I realized how much boys have grown, they can negotiate, rationalize, and accommodate now. After all, maybe I am the one who’s having more trouble with this separation – letting go breastfeeding – one of the best gifts I could possibly give to my children.


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