There is just simply no toothpaste out there that’s truly organic, fluoride-free and tastes decent. So after trying almost all the organic brands including the Swiss made Weleda, we went with Bob’s Red Mill all natural aluminum-free baking soda for brushing, and use sea salt water to rinse afterward to avoid damage to the teeth. Baking soda is alkaline so it’s good to swallow small amount but it damages the teeth if it’s not rinsed completely.

Also Vitamin C is damaging to the enamel so after we eat fruits, smoothies, we rinse as well. Needless to say, daily flossing is very important.

Skin Care

We checked everything we use months ago – shampoo, body wash, etc. – and to our surprise, even some of the all natural products contain SLS or SLES. So the final decision on skin care is quite simple and its much cheaper. We use all natural shampoo and soap that either use coconut oil as the foaming agent or has no foaming agent at all.

Welkin told me a while back to use olive oil as a moisturizer, Egyptians were the first ones to use it. It takes a while for the skin to absorb olive oil but the skin becomes silky smooth and it stays that way for a long time after it’s rubbed in. Since everything we put on our skin goes directly into the blood stream, this is a great solution to avoid chemicals. Interestingly, I used to have pretty annoying acne problem, but after using olive oil, my skin has been in excellent condition, not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones or olive oil, but as far as I’m concern, I can swear by it.

My girlfriend Michele, a model mom for two boys who lives in Switzerland, shared her secret weapon to battle with stretch marks, using pure almond oil to rub the belly everyday. She didn’t have any stretch marks after her two pregnancies, and I started using it since 4 months pregnant (now it’s Michael’s specialty, lol), so far so good, of course it doesn’t prevent Linea Negro but my belly looks like it might be just okay to stretch a whole lot more in the final trimester!


Duck walk and just walking, since Michael came back from his DC project, we have been walking at least 2 miles everyday, see picture taken on March 14th, end of the 24th week, we walked around Lake Johnson for about 3 miles! The following day I lost 2lbs, but over time I regained it back!


Plenty of sleep is essential, and at 4th month, I kept waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning with achy pelvic pressure (supposed to sleep on my left side to ensure maximum blood and oxygen flow). But after a few weeks, I was able to sleep through the night other than 3~4 times of restroom visits – they do use my bladder as a step ladder! Also from mid-pregnancy, I had to change the position during sleep, basically sitting up at about 45 degrees, so the weight of the babies shift downward to lessen the pressure on the spine.

Nose Bleed

During the winter months, I noticed almost every morning there’s the blood clots in my nose. We got a humidifier right after we returned from Costa Rica, we felt so dry throughout the day and the humidifier really helped. It helped with the nose bleed but it stayed around for a while until the end of the second trimester.

Leg Cramp

Its the pain that we tighten our leg muscle, my trick is whenever you want to stretch or feel the early sign of the cramp, pull back the toes and you can stretch all you want but without the pain.


The one thing that works for me is to get a bath. My girlfriend Courtney gave me a yoga ball which was great, she also recommended filling a sock with three tennis balls and place it on the back while sitting.

Gastric acid:

Drinking water with lemon juice seems to help me.


Lots of water, high fiber diet and I take psyllium every morning, haven’t had constipation so far. Also one day I had a lot of fresh-cut pineapple and that really cleaned out my system, it’s probably because of the large amount of Vitamin C!

Swelling extremities:

First time I felt the swollen feet was on day 26+6, after standing all day on my feet. Usually it’s a common discomfort for third trimester. And I noticed my hands and feet get more swollen after the daily walk, especially when the temperature is high, I drink a lot of water before and after the walk. Having my feet up seems to solve that problem.


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